Eleazar Wheelock Society

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The Apologia Forum 2020

Thursday, December 10

8-9pm via Zoom

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Drea Jenkins D'20

"Does Prayer Matter?"

Daniel Lim D'21

"Mission in Hopi: History, Indigenization, and Missio Dei "

Blake Whitmer D'23

"Paradoxes and the Problem of Evil"

Whitney Thomas D'24

"Christianity and Environmental Responsibility"

Check out the videos below for introductions to their topics from our four presenters.

Moderated by:

Chris Candelora D'22

Editor-in-Chief, Dartmouth Apologia

Charlie Clark D'11

Executive Director, Eleazar Wheelock Society

Hosted by EWS Boston: 

Josh Tseng-Tham D'17

Chapter President

Josh Alexakos D'17

Communications Chair

Whitney Thomas D'24

Daniel Lim D'21

Blake Whitmer D'23

Drea Jenkins D'20


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